1. Tara

    Great to see your blog up and running. Your reasons for knitting are so much more philosophical than my own! I knit (and crochet and cross-stitch) because I like watching trash TV and at least I feel I’m being productive and not wasting hours of my life if I am creating something at the same time. And, let’s be honest, I’d fall asleep in front of the TV if I wasn’t using my hands!!

    • thepurlingcat

      Hi, Tara,
      I usually knit or crochet in front of TV too but it seems to be the other way round – I’d be knitting anyway so the tv might be on as well. I might even learn something new and amazing, like eye colour of puffer fish (blue, Fish Tank Kings) or energy requirements of space faring civilasation (VERY BIG, Human Universe). It does make crafting even more fun 😀

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