1. I also signed up for that KAL. I was originally planning on knitting 12 plain socks. The first pattern came out and I fell to peer pressure and cast on. Then I remembered I hate knitting cuff down and frogged them.

    So I’m starting over with my goal of 12 pairs of plain socks this year. The first ones on the needles are already spoken for by my 17 year old daughter.

    • I hope your KAL goes well – I’m sure I won’t manage all 12. My goal is to knit 6 pairs of socks and if I do any more it will be a bonus.
      I’m with you on the peer pressure, it’s easy to be swept away with all the pictures of lovely socks made by other knitters. But we are all individuals, we all like different things and a huge part of being a knitter and crocheter is enjoying the process. Making things you don’t like or in a manner you are not enjoying beats the purpose if you ask me – so I hope you love every minute of your vanilla socks and your daughter loves wearing them. Happy knitting!

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